Nouvelle Aquitaine 2019/2020

Pot commun 2019/2020 de la Nouvelle Aquitaine


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Niveau débutants Chorégraphe Musique Interprète
  Without you Mylene Agnès Gauthier Without you The Davitt country
  Hard not to love it Agnès Gauthier Hard not to love it Steve Moakler
  Everybody dance and sing Roger Neff When I'm out tonight Dave sheriff
  Down to the honkytonk P.Jones & A.Lockwood Down to the honkytonk Jake Owen
  Old rodeo cowboy Agnès Gauthier Cowboy up Chris Ledoux
Niveau Novices
  Yes I'am, no I'am Ria Vos If I ever get you back Morgan Wallen
  Love me some you Agnès Gauthier Love me some you Matt Lang
  Drink a little beer SP Gene, D.Hoyn & G.David Drink a little beer Thomas Rhett
  Just a burning man Dan Albro Just a burning man Dierks Bentley & Brothers Osborn
  Swing Low Agnès Gauthier Swing low sweet chariot Josh turner
Niveau Intermédiaires
  That makes me Agnès Gauthier That makes me Chris Young
  Nothing but you Daren Bailey Nothing but you Leaving Austin
  Keep it simple K,H Winson & Dwight Bailey Keep it simple James Barker Band
  The south Marie Claude Gil The Southern Side of Heaven Budy Jewell
  Just sayin' Arnaud Marraffa & Joël Cormery Just sayin' James Barker Band



Version pdf

Niveau débutants Chorégraphe Musique Interprète
  Take me home Karen Tripp Take me home Tol & Tol
Niveau Novices
  The bank of the roses Tina Argyle The bank of the roses Nathan Carter
  Celtic duo Maggie Gallagher & Gary O'Reilly Celtic duo Anton & Sully
  Winnie o neill Coline Barbe Winnie o'neill Nathan Carter
Niveau Intermédiaires
  Jimmy wards Agnès Gauthier Jimmy Wards Ragus Players
  Gypsy Forty Arroyo Gypsy Ronan Hardiman




Version pdf

Niveau débutants Chorégraphe Musique Interprète
  High class lady Béatrice Launay High class lady The Lennerockers
  Most people are good Agnès Gauthier Most people are good Luke Bryan
  We used to play Agnès Gauthier We used to play Didier Beaumont
  It goes like this Béatrice Launay It goes like this Thomas Rhett
  Remind me G&M Bourguignon Rmind me Brad Paisley feat carry Underwood
Niveau Novices
  We got this Dan Albro I got this Jerrod Niemann
  Look what god gave us Dan Albro Look what god gave her Thomas Rheet
  Make me a dancer Chris & Trev Make her fall in love with me George Strait
  Homesick Hélène Lavoie & Michel Auclair Homesick Kane Brown
  Reason to stay for 2 Linda Sansoucy Reason to stay Brett Young
Niveau Intermédiaires
  Fly baby fly for 2 Roxane Auclair & Sébastien Emond Fly on the wings of love Olson Brtothers
  Jambalaya rock G&M Bourguignon Jambalaya Micke Muster
  All shook up Massimo Diamanti All shook up Billy Joel
Intermédiaire Partner Catalane
  Jessie for ever Béatrice Launay Jessie Stuart Moyles




Version pdf
Niveau débutants Chorégraphe Musique Interprète
video Dare to dance Fred Whitehouse Do you feel what I feel Thoma Kayaft David Timothy
video Bang bang ez Annemaree Sleeth Bang bang Jessie J & Ariana Grande
Niveau Novices
video Ups down Agnès gauthier Ups Mikev
video Giant Roy Verdonk & JM Belloque Vane Giant Calvin Harris & Rag'n Bone Man
video One Hundred Niel Poulsen One Hundred Ida Corr
video Starlight Kate Sala & R McGowan Such a night Michael Bublé
video Hands on you Joel Cormery Eyes on you Trent Tomlinson
Niveau Intermédiaires
video What I miss most Maggie Gallagher What I miss most Calum scott
video The thing about you Maggie Gallagher The thing about you Chloë Agnew
video Running with the wolves Agnès Gauthier Running with the wolves Mykev
video I wanna dance with somebody Roosamekto Mamek I wanna dance with somebody Glee Cast
video Rhythm inside Darren Bailey Rhythm inside Callum Scott
Niveau Avancés
video Come alive Shane McKeever & Rachel McEnamay Come alive H.Jackman, K.Settle, D.Everidge, Zendaya


Version pdf
Niveau débutants Chorégraphe Musique Interprètevideo
video Do dat diddly ding dang Angèle vidal Do dat diddly ding dang Lee Matthews
Niveau Novices
video Da vinci Gabi Ibanez & Paqui Monroy Codigo George Strait

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